Restaurant Carnotzet

Hearty rustic underground in Saas-Fee

"Carnotzet" is a term used in Valais for a vault or a rustic room in the basement, in which wine storage and tasting among friends occurs. Here you can enjoy simple meals typical of the region.

At our newly opened Carnotzet, regional specialities await you. From our team, lead by the chef Jean-Marie Broquard and the host Sebastian Bumann, not only cheese fondue awaits you. The kitchen makes every type of fondue its own creation, with mushrooms, seasonings, truffles and even foie gras help add secret flavours to our special cheese mixture in the fondue pan, enabling you to enjoy a unique fondue experience. Even under the influence of an occasional glass of expensive wine, our host helps bring our culinary mysteries to every table. Other highlights include hearty meat dishes with pasta, also served in the fondue pan. No one leaves the table hungry here unless they oversleep! In addition, hotel guests staying for three nights or more have the option of dining at our nearby partner hotels Schweizerhof and Saaserhof.


Bar of Carnotzet

At Carnotzet's bar, you can take your time and enjoy an extended stay.

Directly in front of our cosy fireplace, the selection of wines and handpicked spirits provide an array of distinctive tastes and beverage experiences. Nothing is easier to digest after a long day in the mountains.

The wine list of the Carnotzet

Günstiger Urlauben im Sporthotel Europa

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